Sunday, 7 February 2016


Check out these fun cartoon socks from Stance. The new Rodman and Kareem socks are hilarious! And you damn well know how comfy theses socks are so if you want a bit of foot heaven, click the links below or bounce on into our Albert street store.




One of our all time favourite heroes has to be the sweet heart " Dee Dee Ramone". Yeah, his career never really took off outside of the Ramones but fuck it, at least he gave it a go. Am I right?
Always one to push the limits, Dee Dee went from punk rocker to rap king. Here's a fun one from his catalogue.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


I remember being a youngster and managing to catch Lou Reed at a one-off festival in Brisbane. It was quite a strange setup but appealed to me because of the variety of artists on the lineup. Some real 90's legends like Nine Inch Nails, Ice T / Bodycount, L7, Pennywise, Faith No More, Mr Reed and so many more. My highlight of that day was meeting some of the Bodycount guys in the crowd. Fuck they were a scary bunch. Well here's a sweet tune from LR. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Its been a few seasons since we last spoke to Gareth from Chronicles of Never but with his recent collaboration with Daniel Johns, we thought it would be fantastic to reunite. This collection is based on the friendship between Gareth and Daniel and the mutual respect and experience within each others fields. The project is about the symbolic relationship between music and fashion. These high quality sunglasses are handmade in limited (and numbered) quantities in Japan and take up to 600 man hours to manufacture from beginning to end.  Top purchase one of these items, please email here or call the store on +617 3003 0078 

Chronicles of Never Alchemy Acetate Sunglasses available in Polish Black frame with Grey lens
 Chronicles of Never Alchemy Acetate Sunglasses available in Matte Tortoise frame with Green lens
 Chronicles of Never Blind Silence Acetate Sunglasses available in Polished Crystal frame with Green lens
 Chronicles of Never Blind Silence Acetate Sunglasses available in Matte Crystal frame with Grey lens

Chronicles of Never Elixer Acetate Sunglasses available in Polished Tortoise frame with Brown lens
 Chronicles of Never Elixer Acetate Sunglasses available in Polished Black frame with Grey lens

Monday, 1 February 2016

VANISHING ELEPHANT O/S TEE available in Panelled Stripe

 The first drop of Vanishing Elephant’s ’Ten Percent’ collection has arrived in store and we are so excited.

One piece we’re loving is Oversized Tee in Panelled Stripe. Designed for comfort (which is evident in it’s oversized shape) and made from 100% cotton, this shirt is perfect for our hot summer.

The shirt features a ‘striped’ panelled center in a navy and white check.  The paneling adds an extra dimension to the tee and the blue check draws the eye by giving it a real summer fresh vibe.

Easy to wear and still look good, that’s what Vanishing Elephant is all about.

You can check this tee and other pieces from the Vanishing Elephant Ten Percent collection in our Albert Street Brisbane City store and online here.

Sunday, 31 January 2016


Violent Green is super excited to announce that we will soon be welcoming Être Cécile to our family!
Originally remaining anonymous, the founders of the London based, European inspired label have drawn inspiration from one of their Grandmothers’, Cecile, an Irish born artist living in 1960’s Paris with a passion for animal prints and flair for fashion.

The covetable label creates contemporary, ready-to-wear pieces with a Parisian edge, their slogan being Presque Parisienne – almost Parisian.

With an aim to produce simple pieces inspired by the cleanliness of French style, the brand also draws on influences from Cecile herself.

The label’s original vision was to create slick, sophisticated tees and sweats, with a Parisian edge, that could be worn alongside designer pieces.

Lately, the brand has swiftly increased their offering with a host of new styles from parkas to skirts, and more recently, bags.
Être Cécile prides itself on using quality fabrics, to establish themselves in the market as more than an average street wear label, but also to be more accessible than the designer brands. Injecting subtle humour and light-heartedness into each collection, this label has been taking the world by storm, with celebs such as fashion models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn, to name a few, being big fan’s and supporters of the brand.
This drop is not one you want to miss out. To be first in, best dressed (excuse the pun) upon arrival, subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page here or keep checking in to our Albert Street City store!


Recently found out about this gem of a band. These Peruvian garage rockers were active in the 60's putting out some great records ( LOS YORK'S 67, 68 and 69). If you're a fan of the Black Lips, King Khan and BBQ show or Ty Segall, I'm sure you'd love a listen to these OG boys.

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Design is integral when creating a memorable minimalistic piece of clothing. You can’t rely on an eye catching print – instead it all comes down to the cut and detailing of an item. A piece that encapsulates this perfectly is the Cocurata Sleeveless Shirt Dress.

Made from a crisp white cotton blend, this dress is fresh and easy to wear in any climate. The asymmetrical collar which runs the length of the dress looks amazing and adds those details mentioned earlier. The collar is also soft and can be easily manipulated to style it to the way you want.

The dress also has two hidden side pockets which are a blessing. You really forget how much you need pockets until you’re left without them!

The dress is really affordable despite the effort and quality control that has been applied and like all Cocurata pieces; it’s limited to a run of 300 worldwide!

Check it out in our Albert Street Brisbane City store and online here 

Cocurata Sleeveless Shirt Dress

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